It's easy!

  • We do all the setup for you. Just choose a name for your classroom and we do the rest.

You're in control.

  • Even though we do the initial setup work (and help along the way, if you need it) you are the head of the class, and you control the content and access.

It's fast.

  • Your site will work from day one. All you need to do is upload your content or start posting messages!

It's very affordable.

  • We know how tight department budgets are and we know you can't blow it all on a single resource (even though this really is far more than a single resource!) Our subscription plans are easy to handle for any sized department or even a whole school, and our fully working demo sites give you a chance to explore all the features before you commit.

Most importantly, you get incredible new tools to interact with your students and expand the boundaries of classroom learning!

You can:

  • Communicate to the whole class or directly to individual students using the messaging system.
  • Post your notes, handouts, resources, powerpoints, example files, links to websites, movies, or virtually anything else. Students always know where to get the information they need - AND you can see when they've accessed them.
  • Post important due dates or events on the calendar.
  • Collect assignments and evaluate them online.

Students can:

  • Post responses to your questions, initiate their own conversations, or comment on others' messages in the forums.
  • Get up to date feedback on individual assignments or their term marks.
  • Parents can have instant access to the same information as their children, enhancing communication and reducing frustration (for you both!)